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Delphi Components

I've been programming in Delphi for over ten years, and over that time I've picked up a lot of useful freeware VCL components that I keep handy in case I need them. All of these components have been tested with Delphi 2, 3 and 4, and some have also been used with Delphi 5.

These were downloaded so long ago I have no idea what the original download sites are anymore, so I've got links to local ZIP archives containing the files here.

Nice little component for executing DOS/Command Prompt commands. Still works today under Windows Vista!
Before Delphi 4's OnDrawColumnCell event, I used this to easily alter the font & background color of a TDBGrid component's data cells.
An LZH-based data compression component. NOTE: This component only seem to work with Delphi 1, 2, and maybe 3. With Delphi 4 and beyond they seem to break the dclusrXX.dpk file and crash Delphi.
TSimpleTCPServer and TSimpleTCPClient
Before Delphi 4 introduced it's set of Internet components, I used these for TCP/IP communications between Delphi applications running on different computers. Easy to use components and a simple chat demo program are included.
And, also before Delphi 4's set of Internet components, I used this handy SMTP/POP email component. I still think this one is easier to use than Delphi's.
Short for "Pretty Darn Jazzy", this enhanced TButton adds color and hot tracking support.
A component that encapsulates serial port communication nicely. I've used this for working with modems
While not technically a component, this class will allow you to display animated GIF files using Delphi's built-in TImage component.
A component that renderd Code 39 barcodes. Put it on a form, add it to a print canvas, whatever.

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