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Embedded Solutions Comparison Guide

We made this chart to compare and contrast the features of three comporable microcontroller solutions. We do not endorse or discard any specific line of products. We have worked with all three of these solutions and each one has its benefits.

Hardware and software specifications were sourced from manufacturer websites when possible.

The BasicSTAMP
BS2 Module
by Parallax
The Arduino Nano
Arduino Nano
by Gravitech
Physical Properties
Form Factor DIP-24 DIP-34 DIP-40
On-board 5V Regulator Yes Yes >No
USB Port No Yes Yes
Cost $39.99 $9.95 $39.95
Language Interpreted PBASIC Compiled ANSI C Interpreted Control BASIC
Floating-Point Math Support No 32-bit 64-bit
Programming Interface Proprietory Software Open-Source AVR Compiler None - Direct Terminal Interface
CPU & Memory
Processor PIC16F57-I/SS ATMega328 LPC2136
Clock Speed 20 Mhz. 16 Mhz. 60 Mhz.
Program RAM 2k 30k 64k + 60k
User RAM 32 bytes 2k 30k
User EEPROM - 1024 bytes -
Instructions Per Second ~4000 ? ~20,000
I/O And Peripherals
Digital I/O Lines 16 + 2 14 34
Hardware PWM Pins - 8 x 8-bit 4
Hardware ADC Lines - 8 x 10-bit 16 x 10-bit
Hardware DAC Lines - - 1 x 10-bit
Hardware Timers - 2 x 8-bit + 1 x 16-bit ?
Hardware Interrupts - 2 ?