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T-Cubed is a trouble ticket manager for logging and reporting trouble incidents for a wide variety of environments. T-Cubed was originally designed for IT support calls, but is generic and flexible enough that it can be used in a wide variety of other environments, such as:

Some of T-Cubed's many attractive features include:

T-Cubed collects and records the following data for each new trouble ticket:

T-Cubed is a small and compact application with a small footprint (around 8MB when newly installed) and requires minimal system resources to run, making it ideal for installation on most any size computer or laptop.

T-Cubed System Requirements:

Ticket tracking at multiple levels

Detailed ticket progress entries

T-Cubed DSA (Data Synchronization Agent)

T-Cubed's primary feature that makes it a unique and powerful tool is its ability to allow multiple users to share a common trouble ticket database from anywhere where they have access to a local area network, or an Internet connection. This is accomplished by a companion utility called the T-Cubed DSA (Data Synchronization Agent)

The T-Cubed DSA is installed on a computer that all T-Cubed users can access via a TCP/IP network connection, and holds a copy of the entire trouble ticket database. With the DSA, T-Cubed users from anywhere around the world can share their ticket data and keep synchronized with everyone else.

T-Cubed Lite

If you don't need multi-user support and plan to install T-Cubed on a single computer station with a single user, we offer T-Cubed Lite. You get all of T-Cubed's great trouble ticket tracking features but without the DSA support.

Try T-Cubed for FREE today!

T-Cubed and the T-Cubed DSA are free to try for an unlimited period of time. The trial, unregistered version of T-Cubed is limited to handling a maximum of 20 trouble tickets and up to 2 users can connect to the T-Cubed DSA. Purchasing a software license and registering your software will remove these limitations.

The type of license purchased determines the number of users permitted to connect to the T-Cubed DSA using that license and share ticket data. A single-user license allows 1 user to connect to the T-Cubed DSA with that license. Multi-user licenses allow multiple users to connect to the T-Cubed DSA with the same license.

T-Cubed (Standard Edition)
DSA support, designed for multi-user environments
T-Cubed Standard version 2.00FREE! Download
T-Cubed User's ManualDownload
T-Cubed Standard - Single User License$24.95 DISCONTINUED
T-Cubed Standard - 5 User License$79.95 DISCONTINUED
T-Cubed Standard - 10 User License$129.95 DISCONTINUED
T-Cubed Standard - 25 User License$199.95 DISCONTINUED
T-Cubed DSA version 2.00FREE! Download
T-Cubed DSA User's ManualDownload

T-Cubed (Lite Edition)
No DSA support, intended for single isolated user use
T-Cubed Lite 2.00FREE! Download
T-Cubed Lite - Single User License$29.95 DISCONTINUED